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6 ADHD Treatments That Boost Concentration

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Mon, Oct 03, 2016

shutterstock_410000497.jpgWhen confronted with ADHD, finding the right treatment option for your child can be daunting. Often the first treatments prescribed are those with a heavy emphasis on a pharmaceutical approach. However, as each child is different, medication is not always an optimal solution. There are other treatment options available that can have a profound positive effect on your child's ADHD without the issues and concerns associated with a pharmaceutical treatment.

Alternative Treatment Options To Medication

It should be noted that each treatment option depends on the specific case, as not every treatment is going to be right for any one child. Some cases of ADHD respond better to one treatment but not to others. Also, medication is always a treatment option and is useful in some cases but again, not all. Thus, you should consider and explore all treatment options for your child to discover the right one for your particular case. That being said, there are six ADHD treatments that have shown to boost concentration.

Dietary/Food Sensitive Modification or Elimination

Some incidents of ADHD has been linked to factors such as amino acid and fatty acid deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity and sensitivities to some foods or ingredients. By increasing or decreasing some foods in the diet, the triggers associated with ADHD can be reduced. Often this therapeutic approach is used in conjunction with other treatments to enhance the overall effectiveness of the ADHD treatments and to promote any long lasting effects.

Interactive Metronome Therapy

Interactive Metronome Therapy is a scientifically proven process that helps adjust the "brain clock" or internal timing of the brain. By inducing a synchronization of the brain's internal timing down to the millisecond, the brain can internally correct for any alternate timings created by external factors such as improper diet control, disease and other factors that can directly impact the timing found in the brain. This synchronization improves focus, alertness and temporal processing in general.

Eyelight Therapy

Also referred to as Ocular Light Therapy, Eyelight therapy is the use of light to stimulate areas in the brain. By using different wavelengths of light targeted towards the eye, the brain responds by sending signals to various areas located in the brain. These signals thereby stimulate the brain to provide a therapeutic response. These responses can be improvements in cognitive abilities, physiological responses such as improved enzyme effectiveness and more.

Neurofeedback Therapy

This type of therapy uses a real-time analysis of brain waves to provide positive feedback when the brain demonstrates the correct wave patterns. This allows the brain to self-regulate and self-correct for the appropriate wave pattern producing a longer lasting effect than that found with pharmaceutical therapies. When the brain establishes the correct pattern, positive feedback is displayed in a visual fashion, further stimulating the brain.

Learn More About Neurofeedback [VIDEO]

Spinal Adjustment Therapy

Unilateral Spinal Adjustments seeks to improve the effects on the neurological system found in the human body. As the spine is the main conduit for this neurological system, adjustments can improve responses throughout the body including the brain. These adjustments work in conjunction with other treatments to improve the overall effectiveness of the treatments and to help promote longer lasting effects.

Why You Should Consider Alternative Treatments First!

All of the above treatments work to get at the root causes of ADD/ADHD. Each therapy is designed to address the one or more causes that create ADHD condition as well as addressing any triggers that might promote or enhance the ADHD situation in your child. These treatments are non-invasive and have been proven clinically effective as well as long lasting. These outcomes can allow the choosing of medication to be the treatment of last resort.

No child or family should have to suffer from the issues and concerns surrounding ADD/ADHD. Especially when there are proven ADHD treatments that are sustainable, efficient and do not alter the core personality of the child as medication can. As a parent, you will want to explore every treatment option available that will provide your child with the opportunity to succeed.

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