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Congratulations on Deciding to Request Scheduling a Brain Map (qEEG)

For Yourself or Your Child!

A Brain Map (also known as a qEEG) is a snapshot of brainwave activity that allows us to see how the brain is functioning by reading the Alpha, Beta Delta and Theta brainwaves. By recording brainwaves over a period of 12 minutes, we can get an accurate picture of how fast or slow brainwaves are moving. A brain map is crucial to effective neurofeedback training, as it presents a customized picture of each person and how their brain is operating.

Here is what you can expect:
  • Takes about 20 minutes or so with setup
  • Is passive in that it just records your brain waves nothing goes into the brain
  • Does not read your mind
  • Is not painful or harmful
  • The data is then uploaded to a database, where it is compared to standard normal brainwaves to determine irregular patterns

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