Active Therapeutic Movement – ATM2 Treatment

Without reactivating injured spinal muscles, regardless of how you feel, you are an accident waiting to happen

After a spinal injury, pain prevents your body from using your vital stabilizing muscles (calledShelby Township ATM2 multifidi).  Your central nervous system (CNS) then compensates, using other muscles groups to provide some stability. The problem is this; while this compensation helps you move in the short term, it creates a host of long-term problems as these muscles (not designed for the endurance and precision of stabilizing the spine) go into spasm, ruin your flexibility and can create pain and further injury. With Johnson Chiropractic Neurology & Nutrition’s ATM2 Treatment in Shelby Township, we can remedy this.

You are, in short, an injury waiting to happen – no matter how many sit-ups, ball exercises and therapy you do.

The ATM®2 utilizes the latest technology to provide pain relief, improve flexibility and strength by turning your vital core muscles back on through active exercise while your body is fully supported in a pain free position.

The ATM2 can be used on the neck, mid back, low back, shoulders, hips, knees, and the TMJ. For many patients the ATM2 can provide immediate pain relief and improved function where other traditional methods have failed.

Watch the Short Video Explanation of The ATM2 Below

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