A Word About Detoxification

Today more than anytime in our lives, we need effective detoxification protocols to address:

The body’s metabolic wastes and intermediate metabolites. Intermediate metabolites are deadly molecules that can be created by the body itself during its energy-making and detoxification processes. When there is proper nutrition, intermediate metabolites are handled properly and there is little concern. When there is improper nutrition, as is pandemic today, and when there are certain genetic traits, intermediate metabolites can wreak havoc on health:

  • Neurotoxins from pesticides.
  • Side effects of prescription drugs.
  • Radioactive particles inhaled from the air and eaten in food.
  • Xenobiotic compounds (refers to a molecule that is foreign to the body and loosely refers to
    any acquired toxin. That which is unnatural, foreign, and dangerous to the body, e.g.
    radioactive iodine, mercury, aluminum, partially hydrogenated fat) in the environment—air and water pollutants, household chemicals,
plastics, non-nutritive food additives.

The word, “detoxification,” in this article does not refer to alcohol and drug addiction programs that are often call “detox” or “rehab.” It refers to our
overburdened processes of self-cleansing that have become backlogged and unable to perform optimally without some assistance. “Detoxification” is that assistance—a process that
 we engage to rid our bodies of acquired and metabolic toxins, discard morbid influences, break degenerative patterns, and become squeaky clean inside.

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