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Perhaps you've heard about the Blood Type Diet and your curious on how it can benefit your health.  Your not quite ready to buy books on the subject, or you want a quick reference to understand the concepts better.  You will LOVE this guide!  And it's FREE! For your reference, Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson earned a fellowship from the Institute for Human Individuality and was personally trained by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo.

Did you know that not using the correct tests (including not getting your blood typed) can keep your body in a state of inflammation that won't let you fully heal...leading to you developing additional health damage...including autoimmune attack on multiple organs or glands!  Don't let this happen to you.  Download and read our guide, today!

You will learn and better understand blood type concepts, including how food lectins act upon our specific blood type to cause various alterations in our body function such as:

  • Causing our blood cells to stick together
  • Trigger body-wide inflammation
  • Act as insulin by attaching to insulin receptors on cells which leads to weight gain
  • Trigger autoimmune attack
  • Trigger digestive system malfunction and pain
  • Creative intestinal damage leading to Leaky Gut Syndrome and as a result brain inflammation
  • Interrupt nerve signals in the body and alter levels of neurotransmitters and thus cause nerve and brain malfunction leading to ADD and even Alzheimers disease.
  • Create joint inflammation leading to various types of arthritis.
  • Alter hormonal levels and lead to thyroid malfunction
  • ...and more

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Download "How Blood Type and Food Interact to Affect Your Health" Visual Guide