EWOT - Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

A primary reason for aging is the failure of enzymatic systems that are responsible for your body's uptake and utilization of oxygen.

When your cells don't get enough oxygen, they get weaker and weaker—and so do you.

Exercising while breathing supplemental oxygen* may greatly increase the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma, i.e., the nearly colorless liquid carrying the red and white cells. This can be determined by testing the blood-oxygen levels in the arteries or veins. Quite often (but not always) after 15 minutes of exercising with oxygen, there is a dramatic "pinking" of an exerciser’s skin. If this can be seen by simple observation, then it follows that the tiny capillaries, the blood vessels tinier than a strand of hair, are carrying extra oxygen not only to the skin’s surface, but to all the cells in the body. Energy, vision and mental clarity may improve immediately. Streaming, energy currents, buzzing, tingling, and breeze-like sensations may be felt in different areas of the body.


-Increases metabolism burn up to 30% more calories.

-Improves memory and processing speed.

-Faster recovery from stress-related illnesses.

-Improved immune system function.

-Greatly enhances athletic performance and recovery.

-Increases oxygen to more youthful levels.  


Many contemporary scientists say you can't increase the oxygen in your blood by breathing extra oxygen. I disagree. What they most likely mean is that you can't increase the oxygen in your red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen to the tissues. The reason many say the amount of oxygen in the red blood cells cannot be increased is because, under most circumstances, they are already 97.3% saturated with oxygen. So they say a three-percent increase will make little difference, and the red blood cells won't accept the extra oxygen anyway.

While this is true, the role of oxygen in the plasma needs to be considered. Many (but not all) people can, by taking lots of slow deep breaths, cause the oxygen content of the plasma itself to be significantly increased, and thus oxygen will be "pushed" into the body's cells without the aid of the red blood cells. It's based on the "Law of Mass Action," which states that if you build up the concentration of a certain component in a chemical mixture high enough, chemical combining will take place with other elements in the mixture, which under normal circumstances wouldn’t happen. In this way, the normal "shunting," or oxygen's bypassing cellular uptake, is partly reduced and the cells get extra O2 anyway.


EWOT was invented by Manfred von Ardenne, physicist, researcher and inventor, state award winner of the USSR, national award winner of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). He had about 600 national and international patents. Von Ardenne was one of the pioneers of the television, developing the broadband amplifier and the electron ray tube in its modern form. At the Radio Exhibition of 1931 Ardenne presented the first worldwide television set.  Professor von Ardenne was also the inventor of the raster electron microscope. Later in life, he turned to  medicine, and developed two classic EWOT techniques (‘Oxygen Multi-step Therapy’ and ‘Systemic Cancer Multi-Step Therapy.’)

Exercising while breathing oxygen dramatically increases the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma (the portion of the blood outside the red and white cells). The oxygen content of plasma fluid can be dramatically increased and oxygen is pushed into the body's cells without the aid of the red cells. It's called the Law of Mass Action. If the concentration of a certain component in a chemical mixture is high enough, chemical combining will take place with other elements of the mixture that ordinarily wouldn't happen.

After even 15 minutes of EWOT, there is a dramatic ‘pinking up’ of a patient's skin. This can be seen easily by simple observation, and illustrates that the tiny capillaries (vessels tinier than a strand of hair) are carrying extra oxygen to cells of the body. Presumably every organ is being bathed in these extra amounts of life-sustaining oxygen.


EWOT technique is very simple to employ. You should wear light, comfortable clothing with EWOT. Your doctor will first determine your level of physical fitness. If you are quite fit, you might begin by exercising on an upper body ergometer (UBE) which is like a bicycle for the arms, or on an elliptical exerciser for 15 minutes while breathing oxygen from an oxygen concentrator. If you are less conditioned, you may have to work up to using the UBE or elliptical exerciser, very often by beginning EWOT with vibration therapy instead.

Before and after treatment we will monitor your heart rate, oxygen concentration, and blood pressure.  For the prescribed period of time, you simply perform your exercise, all the while breathing in 90-95% oxygen from an oxygen concentrator 


We have a two pieces of equipment you can use during your EWOT session:

Grace on WAVE-800You have a choice to use with the Total Brain & Body O2 equipment to deliver the enhanced air or an oxygen concentrator.

The basis of the protocol using the Total Brain & Body O2 therapy system is to induce O2 deprivation and then once recognized by the software data, flood the body with O2 saturation and take advantage of the vasodilation/saturation by pushing it to as much tissue as possible via exercise.

Grace Using TBBO2-800With the oxygen concentrator, you just breath enhanced air via a nasal canal during your exercise session.



After EWOT, you’ll find yourself invigorated, renewed, and clear-headed. EWOT can be used therapeutically via multiple sessions over a short period of time for acute therapy, or employed periodically over a longer period of time to treat chronic stress, injury or illness.

While you are doing EWOT on the recumbent bike, we suggest you read the book, Stop Aging for Slow the Process; Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) Can Help, by William Campbell Douglass II, MD (provided for your reading pleasure while in the office).

Call our office today at 586-731-8840 to find out about and to schedule your membership in our EWOT program to help you with your Anti-Aging goals.

 *Supplemental oxygen is delivered through an oxygen concentrator like at oxygen bars you can find in different Michigan communities.