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Pain is the most prominent symptom of Fibromyalgia. It usually affects the entire body, although it may start in one area, such as the neck and shoulders, and spread to other areas over a period of time. Fibromyalgia is a form of generalized muscular pain and fatigue. The name, Fibromyalgia, means pain in the muscles and the fibrous connective tissues (the ligaments and tendons).


symptoms of fibromyalgia

You (or someone you know) may be experiencing moderate or severe fatigue with a lack of energy, decreased exercise endurance, or the kind of exhaustion that results from the flu or lack of sleep. Sometimes the fatigue is more of a problem than the pain. Headaches, especially tension and migraine headaches, are common in Fibromyalgia. Abdominal pain, bloating, alternating constipation, bladder spasms, and irritability may cause urinary urgency or frequency. Your skin and blood circulation can be sensitive to temperature changes, resulting in temporary changes in skin color.

Have you suffered with fibromyalgia for a few months, a few years, or too many years to mention? Some may suffer only minor symptoms, while others (perhaps you or a loved one) feel the debilitating affects of Fibromyalgia and are kept from participating in their life, making even simple daily activities almost impossible.

Improve Your Health And Your Life For The Better

Throughout my years in practice I have tried the full range of therapies and treatments available to me, with minimal improvement. I knew there had to be more, a method of treatment that could help them (and you!). I began searching to find the answer….and then….I found it. The answer to helping most Fibromyalgia symptoms: Johnson Brain-Based Therapy, combined with metabolic testing and treatement.  The term I give these combined treatments is Johnson Neuro-Metabolic Therapy which is a combination of functional medicine, integrative medicine and functional neurology.

Johnson Neuro-Metabolic Therapy is the newest, state of the art diagnostic and treatment technique. It brings together research findings from the fields of psychology, neuropsychiatry, neurology, neurophysiology, and nutrition — and uses this knowledge to bring hope to the sick, unhappy, and hurting of all ages…and we have finally been able to help people with Fibromyalgia and many other chronic symptoms.

"I'll Never Be Able to Thank You Enough, For Everything You Gave Back To Me"

Is It Really That Simple?

Yes, for most people the answer is really that simple: Johnson Brain Based Rehabilitation. For others a more comprehensive approach is necessary. I have prepared a video you can view that explains my exclusive process. Just click on the big button below to register for viewing.

Breakthrough Fibromyalgia Recovery Video

 How Does This Work?

You are most likely starting to wonder “What is the treatment going to be like?”. I can tell you from personal experience and from watching patients and staff participate in the treatments, that they are beneficial and enjoyable.

Treatments can include one-sided adjustments, simple exercise, eye exercises, heat and other activities, all while on oxygen. These techniques coupled with a full neurological and nutritional workup have enabled us to help most of our patients to get rid of their chronic symptoms no matter how long they have been experiencing them. For more details see the Johnson BBT page.

Imagine how different your life would be if you were free from the burdens that your fibromyalgia causes you.  Check out the video and audio testimonials - real people getting real results resulting in a new lease on life.

No matter what the condition, it is imperative that a thorough functional neurological exam is completed to determine the exact neurological nature of your condition.


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