Drug-Free Relief for Migraines and Other Debilitating Headaches

Studies show that 76% of women and 57% of men report at least one significant headache EVERY SINGLE MONTH! Whether they are described as migraine type headaches that pound and cause sensitivity to light and vomiting or the type that feel like someone is poking a knife into your eye, or the classic diffuse aching headache, one thing is common…they disrupt and ruin the quality of your life and often prevent normal functioning at work or in our family roles.

Sadly doctors have conditioned us to accept that chronic headaches are incurable. They push you down the road of taking ibuprofen, Tylenol, or Aleve EVERY time you experience a headache. Lets face it, you and I both know that these pills don’t treat the cause of the headache and will
eventually cause more damage and side effects to our body that are likely to be worse than the original chronic headaches you were trying to deal with.

Other patients are given anti-seizure type medications like Topamax, which alter the global activity in the brain and carry much greater risk of side effects than even the over the counter meds. Plus patients often relate that these medications make them feel sluggish … almost zombie like. That’s not a way to live.

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You should know that I personally understand exactly what you are going through. Not only have I helped hundreds of headache sufferers since 1983, but my wife used to have knock down dragged out throbbing migraines that would practically paralyze her for days.

Her headaches always seemed to happen at the worst time possible. More than once she would by preparing for a holiday meal, getting ready for a vacation or some other fun family event when she would be gripped by a pounding, nauseating, crushing headache that wouldn’t let up.

I remember tiptoeing into our bedroom asking if there was anything that I could do. She would literally have to hold up in a quiet dark room with her medications and a cool cloth on her forehead. She missed out on so many fun family activities.

Imagine my frustration being a doctor of chiropractic and my standard care could not even help my sweet wife.  This was one of the impetuses for me to further my education into functional medicine, and other methods of natural care in order to unravel the “WHY” of her headaches.

I told her that we needed to get to the bottom of this problem one and for all. It took me several years of intense study but I began understanding the neurologic and metabolic factors that could cause and perpetuated headaches. Because she was family I didn’t just treat her as a headache case I treated her as a person with headaches. I figured that doctors had thrown so much medicine at the “headache” but didn’t see the “person” with the headache. This was the breakthrough that lead me to my current headache program. My wife went from one or two severe migraines every month to not really even having any more for over 20 years. My unique combination approach of blending functional medicine with functional neurology and integrative medicine and chiropractic care is helping many sufferers of migraines and other debilitating headaches.

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