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Brain-Body Miscommunication and The Frozen Shoulder Connection

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Wed, Dec 10, 2014

Chronic Shoulder Pain and "Frozen Shoulder" Are Common Health Problems...and Typical Treatments Are Not Very Effective

Brain-Body Miscommunication and The Frozen Shoulder Connection
"Chronic shoulder pain has large health care costs and a major impact on the health of affected individuals, including absence from work and disability. Shoulder complaints may have anunfavourable outcome, with only about 50% of all new episodes of shoulder complaints presenting in medical practice showing a complete recovery within 6 months. After 1 year this proportion increases to 60%.  Most of the shoulder pain prevalence data is derived from population-based research." [1]

Despite the relatively poor outcome of traditional medical procedures for frozen shoulder (physical therapy, cortisone injections, and surgery) the status quo has continued. Too many patients continue to suffer and are told they just have to live with the debilitating, active-life robbing condition. Research also shows the longer someone has shoulder pain and the greater the initial shoulder pain was when the shoulder pain suffer consulted a doctor, the poorer the outcome relative to recovery.

Luckily for patients with common shoulder pain and for those suffering with the even more debilitating “frozen shoulder impingement syndrome”, aka “frozen shoulder syndrome, Dr. Allan Oolo Austin, the developer of Trigenics® has developed a rapid cure using a special sequence of Trigenics procedures in a single-session non-surgical operation. Now a world renowned frozen shoulder expert, it took Dr. Oolo Austin more than 2 decades of clinical research to discover the underlying problem and true cause of most frozen shoulder impingement syndromes is related to brain-shoulder muscle miscommunication. In essence, the brain forgets how to use the various shoulder muscles sending improper signals to the muscles which control shoulder movement. An imbalance in the way the shoulder muscles control movement of the shoulder develops. Some muscles become weak with others too tight. This imbalance results in improper movement. As a result of the aberrant signals flowing to and from the brain, the painful loss of movement and weakness remains until the communication is re-established. Sometime remission will occur naturally, but usually not due to a downward deterioration spiral and if it does, the recovery is only partial, requiring the shoulder pain sufferer to cope with sub-optimal strength and function.

If you have any pain in your shoulder with any movement, you need to immediately attend for corrective treatment

The reason for this is that, without expert corrective treatment, many shoulder conditions just keep getting worse and then, many more serious conditions may develop which can just wreak havoc in your life. This fact can be attested to by the multitudes of shoulder pain sufferers today who never seem to get relief even after attending to many different doctors or therapists. There are literally millions of patients worldwide, who cannot do what they need or love to do because of shoulder pain. Millions suffer day and night with pain which does not even allow them to ever get a good nights sleep because they wake up in severe pain. It is important to note that a medical study with 5 to 10 years' follow-up found that only 39% of the patients had full recovery from frozen shoulder syndrome. (Reeves et al 1975) [2]

This means that over 60% of people who develop frozen shoulder syndrome, never recover completely if they do not receive expert curative treatment! It also means that these people will never again be able to do everything they want to do, which involves use of their shoulder, because after time has passed, the damage to the shoulder joint is permanent due to degenerative arthritic changes which always occur when any joint stops moving properly.

Some of the shoulder conditions which develop following the unattended onset of shoulder pain, include, supraspinatus tendonitis, bicipital tendonitis, shoulder bursitis, subscapularis tendinosis, shoulder tendon tears, “SLAP” lesions, rotator cuff tendinopathy, thoracic outlet syndrome, stiff shoulder, shoulder impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder syndrome and the most dreaded “adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder”. Adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder, where the entire shoulder joint becomes surrounded with heavy adhesions which totally restrict movement and cause excruciating pain, often develops after the onset of one of the prior mentioned conditions. This is a condition no one wishes upon their worst enemy but 300 Million people worldwide get frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis so it is very important for anyone with shoulder pain to immediately receive expert curative treatment! From what I can gather and have seen, in my many years of practice, there is nothing better out there, to date, than Trigenics® for shoulder pain treatment.

How to Tell if You Have Frozen Shoulder Condition

It is very simple to know if you have a frozen shoulder syndrome or a type of frozen shoulder condition. Here is how you can test yourself. Here is Dr. Oolo Austin’s frozen shoulder self assessment test:

  1. Stand with both your arm by your sides and the palms of your hands facing and touching your thighs.
  2. Raise the unaffected arm up sideways keeping the palm facing down until it is as high as it will go. This is usually up high enough that it basically touches the side of your ear. (If it does not raise this high, you may also have some chronic dysfunction of the unaffected shoulder of which you are not aware.)
  3. Keeping the unaffected arm up, begin to raise the affected arm up by your side. Be absolutely sure that you keep your hand facing palm down and the slope of your shoulder in exactly the same position (no tilting the body), as you raise your arm up to the side. Make sure you keep your arm raise in line with the side of your body and your back pocket. DO NOT let your arm drift forward in front of you from your midline at all and make sure you keep your palm facing down at all times. Do not rotate your hand or shoulder at all in an attempt to raise it all the way up.
  4. If you are able to raise your shoulder all the way up, then while it is up, tilt it back behind you in a way similar to if you were reaching up and back with your elbow straight.
  5. Starting with your arm down by your side, reach back and up behind your back like you want to scratch your back or do up your bra.
  6. Put both hands up in the same position which you would find yourself if you were asked to “surrender”.

Frozen Shoulder Assessment Findings:

According to Dr. Oolo Austin, you have a frozen shoulder syndrome or a form of frozen shoulder if:
  1. Your arm stops moving at any point and does not continue up any further.
  2. You are able to raise it up but when you reach behind you with the arm up, you feel pain in the top or back of your shoulder.
  3. You cannot reach up behind your back (internally rotated and adducted) or feel pain at the end range in the front or back of your shoulder.
  4. You cannot put up your hands in the surrender position (externally rotated and abducted) so that both are equally far back or if you just have pain in the affected shoulder at end range.

If any one of the 4 assessment findings are positive, be sure to attend for expert corrective treatment of your frozen shoulder syndrome!

My Shoulder Pain Story

Many years ago I was enjoying outdoor activities in Colorado with my family. Rappelling was one of my new found favorites. The thrill of the activity was short-lived as severe pain in my right shoulder made it all but impossible to put my shirt on the next day. I had to use my left hand to lift my right hand to the steering wheel in order to drive. I had no pain unless I tried to lift my right are; leaving my hand on the steering wheel was tolerable. Fast-forwarding the story, it took an entire year for the pain to subside. Several years later, while attending my spouse's 10-year college class reunion activities would bring about my next experience with shoulder pain. One family activity included enjoying a day at the wave pool just outside Davenport, Iowa.  I remember spending much of my time in a yellow "inner-tube" using my arms to propel my vessel from the shallow end of the pool, against the ever-increasing waves, towards the deep end and then riding the wave back to the shallow end. I repeated this activity, thinking I was getting quite a bit of healthy exercise for my arms. If you guessed I developed shoulder pain again, you would be right...but this time it was in my left shoulder. Again a year passed until the pain decided to go away. Even though both shoulders no longer hurt, I was aware my range of motion was decreased and certain positions that used to be comfortable ceased to be. Thankfully, due to my ever-present desire to expand my knowledge, I was intellectually compelled to attend a Trigenics® course in Denver, Colorado. During the course the doctors in attendance learned the procedures to work on shoulder, knees, etc. What I found during these training session was even though I no longer was plagued with shoulder pain, my shoulder did not have the normal range of motion and several muscles were weak. Within just a few minutes of receiving Trigenics® procedures during the course, increased shoulder movement and strength returned! Our class also witnessed one of the instructors help a minister with frozen shoulder, be able to raise both of his arms above his head after receiving the brain-body communication improvement procedures to correct the underlying miscommunication between his muscles and brain!

What is Trigenics ® ?

Trigenics® is a neurological muscle reprogramming system which resets the brain and the way it communicates with the body to instantly decrease pain and strengthen muscles and improve movement. This procedure involves applying 3 treatment techniques at the same time for a cumulative therapeutic effect, which is much greater than if you only receive one. Trigenics® combines resisted exercise neurology with muscle-sensor manipulation and biofeedback concentrative breathing to trick the brain into changing the way it signals the muscles and body.

In essence, Trigenics® procedures identify muscles that are too short and muscles that are weak. Unlike the traditional approach to strengthening weak muscles and stretching short muscle, concepts in the field of neurology are employed to stimulate various brain centers to instantly cause strength to return and muscles to relax and lengthen. Rather than these positive improvements being short-lived, they are analogous to receiving a software update and are permanent!

I know this explanation sounds somewhat far-fetched, but seeing and feeling the results first hand is all the proof that is needed. Of course my neurological training background and my education and training in the physiology of the body allows me to understand the neurology behind the "magic". In addition to this special procedure, other therapies and treatments are often used to heal and make corrections in various tissues. Some of the other treatments often used to work with frozen shoulder are:

  • Cutting Edge MLS Laser to help with restoring cartilage and speed of healing of ligaments, tendons and muscles.
  • Triton DTS Spinal Decompression to decrease nerve interference at the level of the spinal nerves in the neck that affect the upper extremties
  • Brain-Based Therapy to rehabilitate the brain-body communication fully due to reduced brain stimulation from the reduce input as a result of the lack of movement characteristic of frozen shoulder impingement syndrome.
  • Various soft tissue healing methods to help remodel scar tissue in tendons and ligaments.

Frozen Shoulder and Trigenics®

In summary, patients who receive Trigenics® procedures for frozen shoulder report the following:

  • Pain relief
  • Strength increase
  • Range of motion increase

    Brain-Body Miscommunication and The Frozen Shoulder Connection

I am happy to report that now this amazing procedure to help with shoulder problems, including frozen shoulder is now available locally in Shelby Township, Michigan at Johnson Chiropractic Neurlogy & Nutrition by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC (Trigenics® Shoulder Doctor)

If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for this highly effective procedure, request a case review, today.

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1. http://www.intechopen.com/books/pain-in-perspective/the-epidemiology-of-shoulder-pain-a-narrative-review-of-the-literature

2. Reeves B. The natural history of the frozen shoulder syndrome. Scand J Rheumatol 1975;4:193-6. 

Personal thanks goes out to Dr. Allan Oolo Austin for providing some of the material and editorial guidance for this article. Also thank you for developing such a life-changing procedure that is helping reduce the suffering of so many people around the globe!

For more details about the natural approach I take with my patients, take a look at the book I wrote entitled: Reclaim Your Life; Your Guide To Revealing Your Body's Life-Changing Secrets For Renewed Health. It is available in my office or at Amazon and many other book outlets.

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