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ADD and ADHD Treatments That Help with Concentration

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Tue, Feb 07, 2017

shutterstock_536819794.jpgChildren are subjects to a wide range of distractions and stimuli that can have an adverse effect on their concentration. This can happen at home and in school settings and for those who suffer from ADD and ADHD, the effects from these distractions can be severe. It can impair their ability to form relationships and it certainly can impact their educational potential. While removing distractions can help, children with ADD and ADHD require additional skills to help maintain their concentration. The best way to provide these skills is by engaging with programs that are designed to foster concentration and thereby give those with ADD and ADHD the skills the need to succeed.

Helping Them, Help Themselves

There are two main ADD and ADHD treatments that are proven to help increase concentration in those with ADD and ADHD. Both Interactive Metronome Therapy and Neurofeedback Therapy have a proven track record in helping those with ADD and ADHD maintain higher levels of concentrations long after they have discontinued the treatments. What these treatments do is provide those with ADD and ADHD the brain training necessary to help them maintain concentration and focus and thus it also improves their personal wellbeing as they are able to concentrate on their own. While not a cure, it is a way for those with ADD and ADHD to manage their symptoms to help them in other areas of their life and thereby improve their ability to succeed.

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Interactive Metronome Therapy

Interactive Metronome Therapy (IMT) uses hand and foot motions to coincide with a computer generated tone. The repetitive motions to the tone provide an immediate feedback and a score is tabulated allowing the participant the opportunity to improve their reaction time score. As more and more correct timings are made, the score improves. This trains the mind to develop the skills relating to concentration and as more and more sessions are performed, the corresponding skill level also increases. Interactive Metronome Therapy has been proven to work with both children and adults and peer-reviewed research has shown that the skills are long lasting. In addition, a recent 2016 paper in Brain and Language titled "Incorporation of feedback during beat synchronization is an index of neural maturation and reading skills" Carr, Fitzroy, Tierney, White-Scwoch, Kraus; indicates that IMT can also be used in addressing language based learning concerns.

Neurofeedback Therapy

Similar in some respects to IMT, Neurofeedback approaches the development of concentration skills using both visual and auditory signals. Using a computer, the participant is provided with visual and auditory stimuli that generate a brain wave response and as this response is monitored, the participant is rewarded each time their brain wave patterns are maintained in the optimized training patterns, thus providing an increased level of concentration. While the exact methodology can vary from provider to provider, the end results of increased levels of concentration and focus are identical. Neurofeedback therapy is backed by over twenty-five independent, peer-reviewed studies published in science journals, including a recent article in the journal Nature, titled "Closed-loop brain training: The Science of Neurofeedback" that also discusses the long-term viability of this ADHD treatment and the science behind it.

Finding the right ADD and ADHD treatments can seem challenging but there are highly skilled providers that can help you achieve the skills that you or someone you know who suffers from ADHD need to succeed. Both Interactive Metronome Therapy and Neurofeedback Therapy are proven ADHD treatments that improve concentration and focus. This leads to a better outcome for those who have to deal with ADD and ADHD and an increased opportunity for a bright future. If you are looking for a way to help you or someone you know manage ADD or ADHD, then contact a provider today.

Learn More About Neurofeedback [Video]

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