AdobeStock_ADD-Trouble-Concentrating-640.jpegAttention Deficit Disorder or ADD comes in many forms. For many years, healthcare providers believed there was just one type of ADD. I noticed many years ago that the kids and adults with ADD had very different symptoms and very different brain map findings. Our neurobehavioral  practice grew very quickly and we started identifying several different forms. Dr. Daniel Amen published in his book, Healing ADD, that there are actually 7 distinct types of ADD. I agree with Dr. Amen and have dealt with these 7 distinct types.

Some children have a transient form of ADD. Transient meaning comes and goes, depending on the situation. Some have a form that is almost always present. Some people have true ADD and some have other brain based problems that mimic ADD. A good example is those that have dealt with head trauma. We see many adults that did not have ADD as a child but are experiencing ADD symptoms after a concussion or blow to the head.

We have a way of knowing if we are dealing with ADD or some other type of brain based problem. That way is brain mapping. Brain mapping involves the recording of the electrical activity of the brain with EEG sensors. We then take the recordings and send them off to a clinical database for comparison. Mapping is a reliable way to look at brain function.

Here are the seven types:

Type 1: Classic ADD

Type 2: Inattentive ADD

Type 3: Overfocused ADD

Type 4: Temporal Lobe ADD

Type 5: Limbic ADD

Type 6: Ring of Fire ADD

Type 7: Anxious ADD

The first step is a brain map. Type 1 ADD is completely different than the other 6 types. Brain mapping allows for targeted management of the problem. It allows us to identify where the problem is and the severity of the problem area. It also allows us to monitor progress. This is very different than any other model of care for ADD. The brain map model of care for ADD is 21st century care.

It is important for people to know that stimulant and antipsychotic medications are not the only options for dealing with ADD. There are very effective non-drug options for attention deficit disorder. We have had a very high success rate in dealing with ADD through mapping, neurofeedback, frontal lobe exercises, nutrition and metabolic testing. We have used this technique for almost a decade. For more information about our targeted ADD management program , call us at The Clear Mind Institute of Southeast Michigan at 586-731-8840 or check us out at


 “In my opinion, I have seen remarkable benefits from Dr. Karl Johnson’s Clear Mind program. His program includes “Interactive Metronome”, brain mapping and realignment, nutritional support, dietary changes and many other amendments. My son Evan has shed most evidences of his formerly debilitating ADHD, including destructive oppositional and compulsive behaviors. My oldest son, Alex, is a gifted musician who also suffered from ADHD. He was attending college on a full scholarship for piano performance, but his senior grades were suffering, and he was unable to memorize the lengthy classical piano works required for his degree. We got Alex in to see Dr. Johnson in about the middle of Alex’s senior year. Alex told me that Dr. Johnson’s treatments were responsible for his excellent finals grades, and more significantly, the stupendous feat he performed at his undergraduate piano performance recital: Alex memorized 137 pages of incredibly complex, concert-level music, and performed it in entirety over a 3-hour period! No printed music – just Alex, a piano and an enthralled audience. Before Dr. Johnson’s Clear Mind program, Alex complained of "brain fog" spoiling his ability to learn and memorize. Dr. Johnson’s treatments dissipated that fog, along with most of Alex’s ADHD.” - Bruce

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Dealing with ADD and other disorders can have a negative impact on a person's quality of life and by using an alternative natural treatment, this negative impact can potentially be significantly reduced. It is important, however, to work with a treatment provider that uses the complete systems approach with alternative natural treatments so a person can get on the path to living a better life. Thus, if you or someone you know must deal with ADHD, contract a provider today.

Remember, brain maps help find the cause of ADHD. Neurofeedback can often correct the problem.

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