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From the Desk of Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC.....

Chronic Pain Has Met It's Match With Pain Blasting Healing Laser

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Sat, Mar 08, 2014

MLS Pain Blasting Healing Laser"The tennis elbow pain I felt when you pushed on my forearm is gone! How does that work"? "The sharp stabbing pain that made me pause talking between each word is so much better two hours after the laser treatment". "Dr. J, I am not shuffling any longer, the plantar fascitis pain in my foot is virtrually gone after the laser treatment"! These words were music to my ears as patients experienced the benefits of the Multi-Wave Locked System on its first day of use. 

The new Cutting Edge pain blasting healing MLS M6 laser now available at Johnson Chiropractic Neurology & Nutrition is proving itself invaluable on its first day of use. This research proven, Italian made powerful class IV laser will be part of the protocol we will be using to help heal damaged and inflammed tissue with all of our chronic and acute pain patients from here forward. 

After hearing about the positive results other doctors around the country are achieving for their patients and finding out the unique properties of this patented laser, I am happy to announce its availabily to all my patients.

The Cutting Edge MLS M6 Laser is one of the most technologically advanced therapeutic Class IV lasers approved by the FDA. The MLS Laser is capable of delivering over 100 times more healing energy than the most powerful devices of the previous generation (Class III – ‘Cold Lasers’ – LLLT – Low Level Laser Therapy). Johnson Chiropractic Neurology & Nutrition is one of the first clinics in Michigan to offer their patients the latest advance in safe, comfortable and highly effective pain relief and tissue repair as taught by the American Functional Neurology Institute.

MLS Stands for “Multi-Wave Lock System.” MLS is the name of the technology used that utilizes the patented combination of wavelengths. The 2 wavelengths are synchronized to work together, much like a symphony to deliver superior results. Like two musical instruments playing together in harmony, the patented MLS emission system organizes continuous and pulsed emission providing simultaneous anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in considerably reduced times. In addition, this unique patented synchronization of multiple wavelengths creates less ‘scatter’ and allows for safe deep tissue treatment. (Scatter can produce heat in the tissues and is the reason why with other Class IV therapeutic laser devices the therapist must keep the laser beam in motion). Treatments take just a few minutes and are painless, however, the therapeutic effects continue to soothe and heal long after the treatment ends.

MLS Therapy has been developed and tested following a strict course of biomedical and clinical research. In fact, the effectiveness of the combination of the emissions making up the MLS pulse was initially tested in vitro on cellular cultures, then in vivo on animals, and finally by means of controlled clinical trials run by major state-of-the-art health organizations for treating traumatic or degenerative painful diseases.

The idea that light has curative properties is widespread in modern culture. Light is essential to almost all life forms: plants draw their energy directly from solar radiation by means of photosynthesis and light regulates the biological rhythms of the majority of living beings.

Today it has been scientifically proven that certain light emissions are able to effectively transfer energy to animal cells and tissue. Areas subject to a poor metabolism recover full activity and the ailing tissue is cured following treatment. However, some light emissions are more effective than others. Not all light emissions are of the same quality nor do they have the same therapeutic effect. In fact, each light emission has precise physical parameters that establish how the electromagnetic field associated with it “vibrates”. These parameters also play a
fundamental role in determining whether the emission is able to transfer its energy to the tissue or not. The analysis of clinical literature describing the results obtained with light emissions developed up to now, has highlighted that the extent of the therapeutic effect – after passing a threshold energy dose characteristic to the tissue and problem to be treated – depends on some fundamental parameters: the coherence of the emissions used, their wavelength and the way in which they supply energy over time (or rather the form of the energy impulse used).

Biomedical research and clinical trials have demonstrated the therapeutic potential of the emission used and have led to the identification of the most efficient emission parameters.

MLS therapy is possible thanks to the identification of an extremely effective wave form.

The synergic effects of MLS Therapy are obtained due to physical characteristics peculiar to the MLS pulse. It involves sophisticated light emission, which transfers the electromagnetic field energy to tissue in an extremely efficient manner: it is a light impulse of superior biological and therapeutic quality, which is generated by a combined, synchronized continuous and pulsed emission system involving several wavelengths. The MLS pulse was developed on the basis of the most recent information available in clinical literature, and the results of detailed scientific research, which demonstrated the greater induction effectiveness of the primary biochemical and bioelectrical effects of its component emissions.

What Are The Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy? 

  • No known side effects 
  • Painless and Non-Invasive 
  • Drug-free 
  • Rapid relief of pain 
  • Strong anti-inflammatory effect 
  • Timely healing of sprains & strains 
  • Rapid recovery of the structural integrity of injured regions 
  • Rapid resolution of swollen areas 
  • Immediate improvement of local blood circulation 
  • Rapid repair of superficial injuries, such as wounds and ulcers

Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC is elated to add this super-beneficial treatment modality to his already clinically beneficial help for patients who have consulted him for help with:

Stop suffering in pain. Come in for an evaluation and see for yourself how beneficial the Cutting Edge MLS pain blasting, healing laser can be for your health challenges.

For more details about the natural approach I take with my patients, take a look a the book I wrote entitled: Reclaim Your Life; Your Guide To Revealing Your Body's Life-Changing Secrets For Renewed Health. It is available in my office or at Amazon and many other book outlets.

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