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Electromagnetic Fields in the Human Body

Posted by Dr. Evelin Valdez, ND on Sun, Apr 30, 2023

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What do electromagnetic fields and waves have to do with the human body? 

AdobeStock_Human Electromagnetic Fields-1800The human body generates electricity that flows through it. The human body also has its own magnetic fields.  The human heart produces an electric current that runs through the body and to every cell. This electric current in the body generates an electromagnetic field. Because the human body, and every living organism on this planet, is an electrical body all made up of charged particles, it is also subject to the laws of electromagnetism.  The body’s bio-electromagnetic fields are very low in intensity (amplitude/power) but can be measured using devices like MEG (magnetoencephalography) and MCG (Magnetocardiography). 

Every function of the human body relies on some type of signal transmission – from the immune system, to regeneration of cells, waste removal, healing, nerve function, immune function, to circulation and everything in between.  And it all starts on the cellular level. Every cell innately knows its purpose and function and how to do it.

In order for the body to function at all, these signal transmissions must be clear and strong enough so the message gets to where it needs to go and can be understood by the receiving end.  If there is any kind of interference in that electrical circuitry the message won’t make it or isn’t strong enough or too strong to effect the intended cellular reaction.

Cells Generate Energy

Most of the body’s electromagnetic activity occurs in the cell membrane. One function of the cell membrane is to open and close channels (membrane pumps) through which ions (electrolytes) move in and out of the cell delivering nutrients and removing waste. 

Membrane channels open as the electrical charge (potential) of the cell membrane increases quickly.  This change in charge attracts ions, pulling them into the cell, and thereby increasing the action potential even more and causing other channels to open.  Once all the channels are open, the cell membrane’s polarity flips, triggering the closure of the channels and bringing the cell membrane back to its resting potential. This is a continuous process and is the basis of life.  Charge potentials play a huge role in cell communication and the active cellular processes. Since all membrane potentials are influenced by electrical charges, they are also influenced by magnetic fields. Cell matter of every cell in every living body, including animals and plants, is comprised of charged particles and that means that the electric and magnetic fields in the environment influence the movement of chemicals in the body and they influence the interactions and exchanges of these chemical elements and molecules. 

The Role of Chakras and Meridians

AdobeStock_7 chakra healing and corresponding inner organ groups-1800Chakras are the energy centers or transformers in the body.  Meridians are the electrical wiring and network.  The Chakras and Meridians in the body have always been part of ancient medical traditions and have been taken into consideration when treating dis-ease.  So why not help our body to optimize the electromagnetic activity in the body?  Disease wouldn’t exist if the right conditions for signal transmission were always present and optimal. As we know, this is hardly ever the case due to modern lifestyles, toxic environments, stress, poor nutrition, WIFI and other external electromagnetic frequencies, and many other factors. 

Natural Therapies Can Help Restore Optimal Electromagnetic Activity

Balancing beach pebbles or stones with the sea in the backgroundThere are many ways health practitioners can integrate Chakra and Meridian work into a treatment plan.  These therapies can also be utilized to keep the electrical circuitry working optimally.  Polarity Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Meridian tracing, and Acupuncture are just some examples of bodywork that can be used for our electromagnetic environment. 

If you want to learn more about how Polarity Therapy (or any other bodywork) can support your body’s optimal electromagnetic environment then come and join us for the upcoming workshop on Introduction to Polarity Therapy THURSDAY, MAY 4, 2023 AT 6:30 PM – 8 PM. The workshop will be presented by Dr. Evelin Valdez, ND and held at Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC's office (Johnson Chiropractic Neurology & Nutrition), which is located at 51735 Van Dyke Avenue, Shelby Township, Michigan 48316.

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