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Why Is Neurofeedback Therapy A Good Alternative?

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Tue, Nov 08, 2016

shutterstock_429711796.jpgGiven the number of available treatment options for those who have ADD/ADHD and related disorders, the process of determining the best possible treatment option for each circumstance can be somewhat overwhelming. Among the available alternative treatment options, neurofeedback has been shown to provide long-term results in boosting concentration, reducing anxiety, improving academic performance, in addition to mitigating other concerns from ADD/ADHD and related disorders. Neurofeedback therapy assists the brain in developing the correct brain wave patterns to address ADD/ADHD at the root of the concern, thereby providing a better alternative to invasive treatments and other options that address only the symptoms of these disorders.

Understanding Now Neurofeedback Helps

As many individuals know, ADD and ADHD and others are spectrum disorders that have no single established cause. However, what is known is that these disorders are related to imbalances in the brain waves and patterns as compared to the standard brain waves and patterns found in the typical brain. Neurofeedback therapy uses auditory and visual stimulation to, in effect, train the brain to produce the correct patterns and waves. This training has the effect of lasting longer, outside of the direct auditory and visual stimuli and can be repeated as necessary to effectively allow the brain to self-regulate. For more information on how neurofeedback works, click here. If you would like to view a video on the topic of better understanding neurofeedback, please click on the button below or simplify navigate to neurofeedbackvideo.com.

Learn More About Neurofeedback [Video]


Proven Effective

Often the term "alternative treatment" is used with those options that do not have a clear scientifically established track record of providing effective results. However, neurofeedback therapy has been established as an effective and efficient means of providing both immediate results and long lasting results from ADD/ADHD and related disorders. When this is considered in comparison with the variability encountered with pharmaceutical intervention and the associated negative impacts of some side effects provided by said pharmaceutical treatments, the non-invasive aspect, and repeatability of neurofeedback makes it an attractive alternative to other treatment options including attempted treatment by pharmaceuticals alone. It should be noted that this does not preclude pharmaceuticals as an effective treatment in some cases, only that not all treatment options are effective in all situations and that engaging neurofeedback therapy before a pharmaceutical approach is a viable alternative.

Combining With Other Treatment Options

A key advantage to participating in neurofeedback therapy, beyond what has already been mentioned, is that it can be combined with other alternative treatment options. This provides for the potential to enhance the initial therapy as well as addressing other related concerns that might not be adequately mitigated by neurofeedback therapy. This type of therapy can be combined with Interactive Metronome Therapy, Dietary Modification, Eyelight Therapy and Spinal Adjustment Therapy to establish a comprehensive treatment regime that has the potential to enhance the original results while also addressing potentially unrelated concerns. In some circumstances, they can even be combined with pharmaceutical treatments with either the goal of assisting the therapy or to eventually remove the pharmaceutical treatments as necessary.

Whether combined with other treatment options or used as a sole treatment option, neurofeedback has the potential to provide long-term, effective results in mitigating the concerns and issues surrounding ADD and ADHD, as well as that of other disorders. While it is not a cure for those disorders, it has the capability of providing you or someone you know, with the ability to enjoy a quality of life that would not exist without any form of treatment. There is no reason to continue to suffer the ravages of these disorders when there is the potential for an effective alternative treatment that can help you live the life that you want to live. If you are being held back from the life you want and you feel this therapy could be right for you, contact us, so we can get you back on track to where you want to be.

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