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Intentional musings of a unique Shelby Township Michigan Chiropractic Physician dedicated to helping people find solutions to improving their health by rooting out causes to chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, stubborn thyroid disorder symptoms, balance disorders, chronic knee & shoulder pain, migraines, sciatica, ADD/ADHD/ASD, back pain, peripheral neuropathy, gluten sensitivity and autoimmune disorders so they can Reclaim Their Life!

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The 7 Most Deadly Thyroid Treatment Mistakes - #5

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Wed, Dec 15, 2010

Not Taking Your Health Care Into Your Own Hands

We are trained in our society to believe that doctors know best, and that when we go to a doctor we are getting the best care.  It’s true; doctors are doctors because they care about people.  They want to help them, you included.  But doctors now function in a health care model designed to treat emergencies and simple, straight forward, conditions.

With something as complex as your thyroid, you have to grab the bull by the horns and take charge.  It’s your life… your body… that is at stake.  It is a question of will you accept the status quo, and get pushed through the system, getting pills, disrespected, and mistreated, or are you going to empower yourself, and find answers and information that is going to help you reverse this condition once and for all – if you get to it early enough.

It’s up to you.  Nobody is going to care about You more than you YOU will.  Today is the day… seize it… take action… you deserve to feel well, and if you don’t believe it, then nobody else is either.  If you allow it they will let you continue on, accepting a label that consigns you to a life of drugs, low energy, brain fog, pain, hair loss, infertility, and more.

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