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About Navigating Through Cold and Flu Season | Dr. Karl Johnson

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Thu, Jan 06, 2011

You know the feeling...you realize you have succumbed to a virus...for me the tell-tale signs are achy muscles, my hair follicles hurt if I touch my hair and it hurts to move my eyes.  Aside from those symptoms, a sore throat, congested sinuses and swollen lymph nodes and fatigue round out the main symptoms. 

Feeling Symptomatic

I noticed something was up Monday when I had a thick mucous in my throat that I had to clear, which is not present when I am expressing normal adaptation to my environment.  By the time Tuesday came about and it was time to go to my cycle training at American Cycle and Fitness, my sinuses were starting to become a bit congested, although I still felt mostly healthy.  By the time I got home after the 2 and a half hour workout, I couldn't breathe through my right nostril...now I knew I was becoming symptomatic and having trouble adapting to the environment. 

Most people would say they were getting sick, but I look at it differently.  We are always adapting to our environment and the way we treat our body (food, drink, activity and rest) has an effect on it ability to adapt to various changes in our internal and external environment.  Probably due to a bit much merry making and odd hours of rest during the recent holiday season, made my body less adept at adapting to the varous pathogens in the environment.  There are always viruses, bacteria, parasites and other vermin around.

I decided to tough it out and go to the office on Wednesday, knowing that the various nutritional aids I have access to would get me through the day and I would have Thursday off to more fully recover.  Unfortunately I will miss my cycling training class on Thursday evening in order to conserve energy for healing (that is part of knowing ones limits).

By the time I was done seeing patients on Wednesday night, it was hard to walk due to dizziness and weakness and just trying to think or talk was difficult plus, I really was having trouble breathing through my nose (which I absolutely abhor).

I continued to take the various food supplements and herbal preparations that help the immune system "kick the can" of the unwanted pathogens trying to make a home out of my body.  Having an autoimmune problem and gluten sensitivities makes my immune system a bit more challenged than those who don't have this issue.

The good news is that I feel good enough to write this blog post and will dig into my my patient charts I brought home to complete before the due date.

Using natural products rather than antibiotics and all the various cold remedies is a better way to handle being symptomatic for several reasons.  The main reason is that your immune system gets stronger and more able to resist being succumbed.  Secondly, typically since your immune system is more bolstered, any investation that tries to take hold is short-lived and possibly less intense.  Thirdly you are less likely to express symptoms in the first place (most people call this being sick).

So aside from the herbs and food supplements I typically employ using the infared sauna or hot tub, laying in front of the fireplace (gas insert that gives off infared waves with hot air) and sleep/rest along with drinking purified water and various green tea I have in the house.  I will say, in order to sleep and breathe through my nose (I have a thing about mouth breathing), I will use some Afrin 12 hour nose spray for up to 3 days along with a homepathic nose spray called Sinusin.

I am looking forward to feeling better and as a general rule of thumb , I will continue using the herbs and food supplements for at least 4 days AFTER I feel back to my normal self.

If you want advice on natural cold/flu care - just give me a call at 586-731-8840.

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