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Succeessful Drug-Free Treatment of ADD/ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Etc.

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Sun, Sep 18, 2011

Ever since the mid nineties when I received additional certification in pediatric chiropractic, I've continued to work on improving my treatment for children with neurobehavioral disorders.  I've seen too many children with ADD, ADHD and Autism put on too many brain and body damaging drugs over the years and I just had to do something about it...at least in my geographic area.

Felicidade A very happy boyI have been treating kids using typical chiropractic treatments with developmental and behavior concerns since the mid ‘1990s’ after I earned fellowship status from The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).  Some success was obvious (less fidgeting and better focus) but the improvements were not predictable.  Many parents were desperately trying to help their child perform without putting them on medications.  I offered the clinical skills I had at the time.



I have a "never stop learning and growing" attitude.  

I knew there was more that could be accomplished for these kids.  A new strategy was needed.  Along came functional neurology based on the work of Dr. Ted Carrick and developed further by Dr. Robert Melillo.  Both are pioneers in the field of chiropractic and functional neurology.

It wasn’t until I began using a functional neurology and functional metabolic approach in 2007 that I was able to bring about monumental changes in children with neurobehavioral disorders such as, ADD, ADHD and Autism, and confidently tell parents what was truly possible for their child.

By blending neurologic, structural and metabolic diagnosis and treatment the children under our care began progressing dramatically.  Improved behavior in the classroom, better grades, laser-like focus, happier children and parents alike.  Teachers began writing to parents about how their child was improving and to keep it up.

The premise of our program involves several underlying principles.  Addressing neurologic developmental immaturity, timing and communication in the nervous system, behavioral development, cognitive development, hidden and overt allergies using Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques and addressing metabolic issues through functional analysis of laboratory work...allows us to see the whole child and treat them as an individual.  You can learn more about these concepts by reading - Disconnected Kids and Reconnected Kids by Dr. Robert Melillo or by going to www.carrickinstitute.org for more information regarding functional neurology and www.NAET.com for more information regarding Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques.

In collaboration with Dr. Joseph Serpe, DC I revised and published a white paper entitled; "Successful Drug-Free Treatment for ADD, ADHD, PDD-NOS, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, OCD, Tourette  Syndrome and other Neurobehavioral Disorders in Children"  You can read it by clicking on the button at the bottom of this blog post.

In this whitepaper you will discover the successful non-drug treatment strategy that has the potential to give your child a better life!  One filled with the ability to quietly focus, make and maintain enriching relationships, achieve grade appropriate reading levels and beyond, excel academically, gain inner peace and confidence, and develop emotionally and physically...in essence...become the child they were born to be.

This strategy, that I call Johnson Neuro-Metabolic Therapy, involves blending functional neurologic, structural, metabolic and allergy/stressor reduction care into an individual prescription for care so that we are able to obtain the best possible outcomes in the shortest time.

One particularly heart warming example of the power of this strategy caused all the staff and patients that were in earshot to burst into tears when a 14 year old Autistic boy named Joey said his first words ever...I LOVE YOU MOM! 



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