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Detox, Lose Weight, and Help Your Autoimmune Health Challenge

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Mon, Jan 07, 2013

Lose Weight Detox Drop Dress Size resized 600Happy 2013 Everyone!

The #1 question I get asked in January every year is - Should I do a detox and if so, what do you recommend?

I want you to remember a time when you filled a glass (or bucket) with too much water. What happened as it got too full? There was less room for more water, and if you kept the water running it overflowed, right? Well that exact same thing is happening to the trillions of cells inside your body. Based on your diet, the chemicals and toxins you've been exposed to, and whether or not you've got any health challenges varying amounts of toxins have accumulated in your body.

In my practice I find that toxic overload is a common trigger in autoimmune illness such as Hashimoto's, multiple sclerosis, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease and many other illnesses. I wrote about my battle with plantar warts and by detoxing how I was able to have them go away in just a matter of 3 weeks (I had them for five years).

Your body's cellular "buckets" could be overflowing with toxic build-up.

What are these toxins?

  • Alcohol
  • Augar
  • Pesticides
  • Unhealthy fats
  • Chemicals found in your makeup, water and air pollution, and more.

You can look at each of the trillions of cells in your body as buckets; when these cells reach their "toxic load/limit", they begin to overflow, and that's when symptoms begin to appear. A lack of energy, weight gain, sluggishness, frequent colds or infections, and allergies are just a few examples of what happens when your body is too toxic.

But believe it or not, there's a fascinating battle going on in your body each and every day. It's called autophagy.

This fancy word, autophagy, is derived from the Greek for "Eating Of Self". Autophagy describes the process your body uses to gobble up all the damaged "junk" floating around inside you.

Your body is constantly creating and dealing with cellular junk. It's a byproduct of everything from digesting food to having a random thought cross your mind, and it all requires complex chemical processes that leave stuff behind which has to be cleaned up. That's one of the reasons that you should do a cleanse every now and again.

We all need a simple and healthy way to clean our cells of the toxins that have built up inside us over our lifetime.

Noted functional medicine expert, Dr. Mark Hyman, MD states; "While research linking environmental toxins and impaired detoxification to obesity is in its infancy, these factors can no longer be overlooked. Detoxification is a central component in long-term effective weight management and creating a healthy metabolism" [1]

And if you want to burn more fat (and keep it off) then cleansing is one of most important things you can do - starting now, because clean cells lead to a clean body.

And a clean body doesn't hold onto excess fat. It's as simple as that. You can see the picture at the beginning of this article. That's Karol and she dropped enought weight that she went from a size 16 to less than a size 10. Even her shoes and rings were too big for her! Not only that, but her energy skyrocketed, her memory improved drastically and much of her constant pain went away. She told me she was able to go snow skiing with her husband between Christmas and New Years and didn't get winded like she has in the past.

Additionally, I'd like to point out that none of Karol's weight loss was due to exercise! Her next step is to start an effective exercise program - one that targets the largest muscles of her body and has been proven succussuful for over 35 years. You can read about this amazing exercise program in my next blog post.


So how do you optimize this process of cellular cleansing?

I've got a great video for you to watch that explains the concepts of how to detox effectively. There are a lot of dangerous and downright inneffective methods to perform a detox on the internet, so be careful what you select. I highly recommend you consider Detox Done Right. Click here to view it now. You won't be disappointed. You'll need about 40 minutes to review it and I reccommend you shut your phone off to avoid interruptions.

Once you've reviewed the video and you now want to get started, call my office at 586-731-8840 to find out how to get started on your "new you"cleanse!

Watch The "Detox Done Right" Video for Free

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All the best – Dr. Johnson – Digging Deeper To Find Solutions



1.  http://drhyman.com/downloads/Diabetes-and-Toxins.pdf

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