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3 Weight Loss Resolution Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Sat, Jan 12, 2013

2 Days To Fitness FlatI think you will agree with me that what you are about to read will make total sense and is a fantastic companion to my highly successful health restoration program for patients who suffer with chronic health challenges. Most of the patients I work with have undiagnosed autoimmune illness (like Hashimoto's) and out of control systemic inflammation. Through my health restoration programs, my patients almost universally lose significant weight without exercising, but they need a way to tone up and continue the weight loss as well as improve their fitness for a full and rewarding life. This article and the special offer at the end IS YOUR ANSWER FOR A REVITALIZED NEW YOU!

Every January many Americans promise themselves that they will begin an exercise program and stick with it. The desire to be fit and healthy is a strong motivating force, for a few weeks. Then you must have a game plan that is reasonable, that educates you, that you might actually be able to stick to. I think you will agree with me what you are about to read will make total sense and is a fantastic companion to my highly successful health restoration program for patients who suffer with chronic health challenges.

Thanks goes to Rick Bramos for permision to use this timely article for my blog post this week. Rick is a fitness professional with 35 years of experience as a coach, trainer and competitor, Rick Bramos has always had a profound curiosity about what motivates people to start and stick with physical exercise.

Here are my top 3 reasons people fail every year in their quest to lose weight and be fit.

1. An unrealistic expectation of what an exercise program can do for whipping you into shape. As if in a few weeks you will magically lose weight and be fit. The fact is you cannot compensate for bad eating habits with exercise alone. It also will probably take more time than you first planned to reach your ultimate goal. Years of neglect to your body and hormonal system may take time to reverse.

2. A natural tendency is to do too much, too fast, thinking it will speed up the results. This will only sabotage your results as the stress of overtraining will result in you being tired all the time and have an effect on the hormone cortisol, which can slow down weight loss. The right amount of exercise plus enough rest is paramount for good results.

3. The biggest mistake is getting involved with an activity that does not match up with your fitness level, time constraints and your psychological predisposition for exercise. You see athletic enhancement and weight loss are distinct goals; an important point lost on many trainers.

For years now I have been preaching this to anyone who will listen, that our approach to weight loss and fitness is all wrong. The majority of overweight Americans are not interested in the endurance of a marathoner or the flexibility of a Van Damme or the stability of a gymnast.

At least initially, most are only looking to lose some weight and have enough strength and flexibility to perform their daily functions. What I see mostly in gyms today are trainers presenting exercises that are more suited to an athlete, meaning athletic or skillful type exercises, which are usually awkward and uncomfortable for them. Also, this emphasis on endurance training is misplaced, as endurance training by its nature is uncomfortable for the very overweight. You don't run to get into shape, you need to be in shape to run!

The majority of trainers are young and come from athletic backgrounds therefore, have not had the experience of working with thousands of overweight clients. They do not understand the mind set of this population or their psychological predisposition for exercise. Probably of equal importance is an understanding that "time" is still the number one reason people don't exercise; therefore any successful program must be developed with this in mind.

The fact is there are many variables to getting in shape: how long you have been overweight, how much body fat you are carrying, if you are pre diabetic or full blown diabetic, the amount of time you are willing to devote to an exercise program and there are also hormonal issues that may come into play such as thyroid conditions that are not usually addressed by trainers.

I am constantly educating my clients about the fact that you don't lose weight primarily due to exercise. Exercise will only accelerate the use of fatty acids if they are available for use as energy. This requires a diet low in sugars. The reason? As long as the sugar content of the meals and snacks is high, insulin will also be high. Insulin blocks the use of fats for energy. You see, the body must use the sugar first! An article I wrote and published in a national medical magazine addresses this point. "Obesity: Why Exercise Doesn't Work"

We all know people who exercise all the time yet don't lose weight. So what is an effective weight loss and fitness plan?

I address this question and more in a book I co authored with Dr. Grisanti (2 Days To Fitness) and more recently in a 4DVD set.

The program I have developed has been extremely successful for thousands of my overweight clients due to its common sense approach, its emphasis on the science of what really works and an understanding of the fact that the time requirements needed to be fit are not as great as we've been led to believe..

Don't make the same mistake this year. Take advantage of my more than 35 years working in the trenches with folks like you!

For a short time I am offering my 4DVD set for half of what a good trainer would charge you for an hour of training. I promise I will over deliver with information that will improve the quality of your life.

Go to my website and listen to some of the testimonials. Read a few of my FREE articles.

Give yourself the best chance you've ever had at sticking with a program. I promise I will be here for you. You can e-mail me with your questions 3cycletraining@gmail.com

Click Here for more information about the 4DVD set.

Thanks to Rick Bramos for this guest blog article. You can e-mail him with your questions at 3cycletraining@gmail.com

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All the best – Dr. Johnson – Digging Deeper To Find Solutions

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