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Food Breakdown -- The Source Of Many Autoimmune Problems

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Sun, Oct 14, 2012

Whole EnzymeWhen we eat "dead" food, that is food lacking live enzymes, the result is incomplete digestion and breakdown.

Not only does this cause indigestion and the resulting complexity of related problems, but a varying reaction from the immune system.

When incomplete digestion occurs some whole foods may cross the gut wall into the portal circulation (blood stream). At this point, they are past the body's digestive capabilities. They can no longer be broken down for nourishment. They must now be treated as foreign invaders and are attacked by the immune system. Repeated activation of the immune system to food particles can trigger autoimmune illness, such as Hashimoto’s, Diabetes, Psoriasis, etc.[i]

As an immune system defense, the quantity of white blood cells is increased to meet this problem. This process is called "leucocytosis." Leucocytosis (high white count) is routine with infection, intoxication and poisoning. But, we are describing a condition that may burden the immune system every time we eat.

Suppose you had a cold or the flu and the body had to divert immune activities to handle partly digested food? The result could well be a prolonged illness.

Eating enzyme deficient food

According to Paul Kautchakoff, M.D., eating enzyme deficient food is a direct cause of leucocytosis[ii].

There are four groups of foods:

  1. Raw or frozen foods. These contain live enzymes and do not increase white blood cell (WBC) count.
  2. Cooked food. Usually, this only causes a mild WBC increase.
  3. Pressure-cooked or canned foods. Responsible for a moderate WBC increase.
  4. Artificial or highly processed food. These contain no "live" enzymes, thus causing a severe WBC increase. This category includes carbonated beverages, alcohol, white sugar, white flour, etc.

Kautchakoff found that cured, salted, canned, or cooked meats caused a violent reaction equal to poisoning. The white blood count increased dramatically. By clicking here, you can download an informative article published by Karutchakoff on the influence of cooked food on health back in 1930.

Eating dead food also prolongs food transitory time. This is the length of time food remains in the body before elimination. The longer the transitory time the more ferments occur and toxic effect the food has. This contributes to added health problems.

The white blood cells (leukocytes) carry on similar functions during infections when they digest foreign, protein-based particles.

Raw food naturally contains live enzymes. The body needs them to be intact when the food is eaten to aid in pre-digestion. When food is heated (118 degrees fahrenheit, or higher) or highly processed, the live enzymes are destroyed. The result is indigestion, heart-burn, gas and other problems. Worst of all, the immune system must deal with undigested food particles in the blood. The immune system destroys them, but may neglect other functions to do so.


Undigested foods absorbed into the blood stream is a primary cause of allergies. This condition causes an immune histamine reaction resulting in allergy symptoms flaring.

A leading cause of fibromyalgia is the systemic foreign antigens circulating in the blood. They can slow healing and promote and prolong pain caused by inflammation. This condition reduces immune system efficiency.

Only through proper digestive function and an intact barrier in the intestinal mucosa can you stop foreign antigens from entering the blood and causing their adverse effects.

Through widespread education of the public, most patients accept some responsibility for their health. People know that faulty eating brings on unwanted conditions and contributes to overall poor health. They know that what they eat is their choice and that somehow it affects their health and inclination to sickness.

Guidance required

You know you can influence your health by controlling diet, exercise and environment exposure.  However, sometimes people need guidance from professionals.  That is why I write so many articles and hold educational seminars throughout the year.

Supplementing with concentrated vegetable enzymes, especially when eating dead food is one good solution.  At Johnson Chiropractic Neurology & Nutrition  we recommend specialized enzymes that I test for bio-compatibility with Functional Neuromuscular Testing (FNMT) for each individual patient. By using FNMT, you can rest assured your body will be best served by the enzymes tested as appropriate for you.  Eating food with live enzymes still intact is not always easy to do or even desired. The more we consume foods with live enzymes the better.

If you want to help avoid these problems, eat properly raw food with every meal. When you cannot eat right, take concentrated vegetable enzymes, as tested best for your body chemistry and makeup, with meals.  I take two at the beginning of each meal.

Good concentrated vegetable enzymes operate in a pH range from 3.1 to 9.8. The best source is derived from aspergillus oryzae. They aid predigestion as well as complete food breakdown without adverse effect on body chemistry.

If you would like to be tested for what enzyme works best for you, just ask any of our team members at the front desk next time you are in the office.

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All the best – Dr. Johnson – Digging Deeper To Find Solutions

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