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Say Goodbye to ADD/ADHD with Neuro Metabolic Therapy

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Tue, Aug 30, 2011

The human brain is a complex organ, capable of incredible feats of brilliance and fueling subconscious fears and desires. Until recently, many in the medical profession ignored the role our brains play in our overall physical health. Instead, doctors treated the symptoms — pain, insomnia, intestinal distress, ADD — while ignoring the role our brains play in causing these symptoms, particularly for chronic conditions. A new generation of physicians, however, takes a new approach to treating chronic conditions working with patients to heal through the brain. These treatments, often referred to as brain-based therapy or Neuro Metabolic Therapy promise especially exciting breakthroughs for patients with chronic conditions, particularly those with ADD and ADHD.

The Basics
Brain Based Therapy and Neuro Metabolic Therapy recognize that the brain controls all the functions of our bodies. Without proper brain function, the body falters. When the brain works efficiently and functions normally, we have healthy bodies. External influences like allergies and stress or internal influences like emotions or energy imbalances can interfere with the brain's ability to function properly. When our brains run inefficiently, it can lead to chronic conditions like ADD and ADHD.

The medical profession has identified possible physiological causes of ADD and ADHD. They include chemical imbalances in the brain and the underdevelopment of the areas of the brain that control attention. But these "reasons" don't get to the why a chemical imbalance might occur. Brain Based Therapy, on the other hand, seeks to get to the root cause — the why — of the chronic condition.

How it Works
Brain Based Therapy, Johnson Neuro Metabolic Therapy and similar methods of treatment use a variety of approaches to figure out why a chronic condition is occurring. The therapy most often starts out with a comprehensive brain and nervous system exam. Physicians specializing in more holistic approaches to treating ADD and ADHD will also explore possible allergic causes or nutrient deficiencies through extensive testing. Foods like gluten, yeast, soy and casein can cause a person's immune system to attack the body (autoimmune) and cause a host of symptoms including pain, neurological problems and intestinal distress. These allergies and food sensitivities then often cause nutritional deficiencies that can be treated with specific nutritional supplements and dietary changes.

These holistic therapies also work with patients' bodies. People with ADD and ADHD respond particularly well to treatments involving specific rhythmic exercises (Interactive Metronome). Doctors may also incorporate energy work to reestablish a body's natural energy balance. Acupuncture works on this principal and has been incorporated into standard Western medical practices.

The Treatments
Practitioners of Brain Based Therapy and Neuro Metabolic Therapy work from a whole body perspective. These are not the only treatments, however. Similar treatments that pvertical IM logo resized 600hysicians using Brain Based Therapy might also include Interactive Metronome approach. This approach to ADD and ADHD challenges patients to match a range foot and hand movements to a precise computer generated tone. This treatment teaches patients how to focus for longer periods of time, filter out internal distractions, and monitor both physical and mental actions at the same time.

Another therapy often incorporated into Brain Based Therapy by Dr. Karl Johnson, DC of Shelby Township, Michigan is Nambudripad's Allergy Eliminations Techniques or NAET. These techniques expose patients to energetic analogs of allergens or stressors and focus on improving the body's energy balance. It is believe that hidden allergies can block energy pathways leading to conditions like ADD and ADHD.

Heal Thyself
The human brain is a truly magnificent wonder. It can make us sick and it can heal us. Taking a comprehensive, whole body, brain based approach to treating chronic illness is a proven pathway to treating chronic illnesses, particularly ADD and ADHD. Rather than spending your life on Ritalin, which only addresses the symptoms of this chronic condition, get to the why of this neurological approach. Brain Based Therapy using Johnson Neuro Metabolic Therapy has restored the proper functioning of the brain is many patients and returned their body to an optimal state of health.

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