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Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson's Chronic Condition Natural Treatment Blog

Intentional musings of a unique Shelby Township Michigan Chiropractic Physician dedicated to helping people find solutions to improving their health by rooting out causes to chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, stubborn thyroid disorder symptoms, balance disorders, chronic knee & shoulder pain, migraines, sciatica, ADD/ADHD/ASD, back pain, peripheral neuropathy, gluten sensitivity and autoimmune disorders so they can Reclaim Their Life!

From the Desk of Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC.....

Food Breakdown -- The Source Of Many Autoimmune Problems

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Sun, Oct 14, 2012

When we eat "dead" food, that is food lacking live enzymes, the result is incomplete digestion and breakdown.

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Topics: autoimmune, Diabetes, fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut, Food Enzymes, Cooked Food, Immune System, "Dead" Food

Food Lectins Can Cause Leaky Gut Syndrome and Autoimmune Illness

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Sat, Jan 07, 2012

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Topics: D'Adamo, Blood Type, autoimmune, Diabetes, Secretor Status, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's

Blood Type and Autoimmune and Other Disease Susceptiblity

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Thu, Jan 05, 2012

In my practice I have found that patients who know and follow their basic ABO blood type diet as described in Eat Right 4 Your Type works very well. However, some individuals may not derive maximum benefit from the Blood Type Diet until they first determine their Secretor Status. Knowing this information then allows for the use of the more specific diet lists included in the book Live Right 4 Your Type. Both books were written by Peter J. D'Adamo.

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Topics: D'Adamo, Blood Type, autoimmune, Diabetes, Secretor Status, fibromyalgia

Your Blood Type and AutoImmune Disease, Inflammation and Fatigue

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Sun, Oct 09, 2011

In order to maximize your health and reduce your chances of developing autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto's, Celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and other illnesses, it pays to know your blood type.  Let's explore this concept in more detail.

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Topics: Hashimoto's, Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, Blood Type, Lectins, autoimmune, Diabetes, inflammation, fatigue

Insulin Resistance, ‘Man Boobs’, Fatigue and Fear of Diabetes

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Sun, Oct 02, 2011

You have no energy – after work you come home and you’re spent – nothing is getting done around the house.  Getting to sleep is easy, but you wake up multiple times at night, never getting the quality of sleep that might help you feel better.  When the alarm goes off, the thought of getting up in the morning gives you angst because you wonder when it will ever get better. 

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Topics: cholesterol, Diabetes, fatigue, Johnson Neuro-Metabolic Therapy, insulin resistance, Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson

Dr. Johnson, How Do I Stick With My Health Restoring Diet?

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Sun, May 15, 2011

This question is asked of me all the time.  My first thought is to say, "just do it", but I usually refrain because I understand the frustration and the yearning to eat what ever you want - hey, I'm human too. 

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Topics: Hypothyroidism, Heart Disease, autoimmune, gluten, Diabetes, autoimmune thyroid

Gluten Epitopes - Your Hope For Recovery From Your Illness

Posted by Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC on Sun, Mar 13, 2011

If you've had a chronic health challenge for a while such as; diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, autoimmune thyroid, schizophrenia, ADD or ADHD, peripheral neuropathy, chronic fatique, irritable bowel syndrome, can't gain weight, can't lose weight, etc., you may have been tested for gluten sensitivity.  That is great as your doctor was thinking out of the box.

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Topics: fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, autoimmune, gluten, gluten sensitivity, gluten epitope, Aristo Vojdani, Diabetes, fatigue

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